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debate is (not) a game

We are in the same boat. We may think differently. We may have different beliefs. We may disagree. But we need to work together to move forward.

What is this?

Vox Pop debate game was created so great conversations about exciting topics would be possible. A tool which makes it possible for the players to hold conversations with a variety of view points about important topics. A game where you cannot lose, just win a great community experience. Debate, where there are no broken plates, just real arguments and calm nerves. A tool for development which helps you to acquire new knowledge and at last, but not least: brings people closer together.

Whom do we recommend it for?

For leaders

Innovations have two important preconditions: genuine knowledge and courage to question the status quo. Vox Pop Debate Game provides an opportunity for colleagues to share their opinions and knowledge on a given problem in a safe environment.

For trainers, coaches

Vox Pop Debate Game is a special method for developing intra-group communication and facilitating debates. It’s equally suitable for improving soft skills (communication, argumentation, critical thinking, problem-solving) and innovative programme and organizational development.

For teachers

Vox Pop facilitates discussion between students, teaches proper argumentation techniques and mobilises student’s knowledge in a creative way let it be a historical event, literary work or debating about a class-based problem.

For parents

With the help of Vox Pop Debate Game discussions provide a chance for all members of the family to share their views as an equal partner, take part in decision-making. This way children will acquire a culture of debate and will be able to stand up for themselves without personal remarks or insults.


Vox Pop Teaser

Three-hour long workshop in which participants have a chance to experience proper argumentation techniques, learn to recognise the most common fallacies and try out Vox Pop Debate Game.

Organisational debate culture development

Organisational development tailored to individual needs which aims to establish an organisation debate culture where professional disagreement is not treated as an internal conflict, but as a potential resource. This workshop at the workplace provides an opportunity for the colleagues to deal with a professional dilemma in a balanced way, as partners.

Vox Pop facilitator training

A more in-debt, three-day long training during which the participants get to know the techniques of debate culture development, basics of teaching argumentation and acquire competencies with which they can use Vox PoP Debate Game in training situations.



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Visited 3 countries: Bulgaria, Poland, China


Available in 3 languages : English, Hungarian, German


Vox Pop Debate Game in Hungarian

Vox Pop Debate Game in Hungarian
Price: 15 000 HUF + VAT


Vox Pop Debate Game in English/ German

Vox Pop Debate Game in English/ German
Price: 20 000 HUF + VAT


Vox Pop Debate Game as a support for our work

Vox Pop Debate Game as a support for our work: When purchasing the game we mail one set for you, and one set for a school – you can even choose which one.
Price: 30 000 HUF + VAT


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