Teen Conference

Conference for open-minded youngsters interested in new ideas.

This conference is organized for young people who are eager to learn more about the world waiting for them outside of the school. For those who are open-minded and interested in new ideas. For those who have plans. For those who want to have an impact on the world.

DIA organises the Teen Conference every year since 2017. The event of 2018 focused on perspective change. With the help of 12 inspiring speakers youngsters got to know stories which helped them to have a different look on themselves and heard performances which showed familiar people and phenomena from a different angle. They heard inspiring stories by  change-makers who, just as the teens sitting in the audience, have an impact on the future and other’s lives.

The Teen Conference is exclusively funded by OTP Bank.

Interested in the details? Check out the Teen Conference webpage: www.kamaszkonferencia.hu