Dancing on the Square

A project where classical music, community building and dance meet with each other.

The Budapest Festival Orchestra (BFO) launched the Dancing on the Square project in 2015. It is not just about music and dancing together, but also about mutual responsibility, tolerance and respect. The most important participants in the project are primarily underprivileged children, who become the real heroes of the day by dancing together to the live accompaniment by the Festival Orchestra. They work for months towards a common goal, and they can enjoy the fruits of their labour as part of a genuine creative community in Budapest.

The Dancing on the Square project is far more than a simple open-air concert. Alongside the rehearsals, BFO organises regional meetings and summer camps with drama, music, dance and game workshops, with professional support from the Foundation for Democratic Youth, enabling the children to get to know one another so they can learn to trust each other and cooperate more.

Dancing on the Square combines everything which an NGO focused on youth development and a symphonic orchestra can provide. The aim is no other than building local communities with the help of shared experiences, creation, discussion.

Here’s a short video which gives a glimpse to Dancing on the Square’s summer camp. It might explain why we fell in love with this project at the first sight.