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DemoLab is an innovative art & education initiative launched in 2018. In the framework of the two-year project, creative and self-organised workshops (DemoLabs) will be formed in 8 Hungarian secondary schools through the equal participation of students, teachers and artists. These labs will serve as platforms for autonomous research, constructive debate and collective creation. Students can work on a topic of their own choice while experiencing the power of democratic debate and the responsibility of self-organisation. During the semester, they will have a chance to realise smaller-scale projects, visit other workshops, participate in inspiring cultural events and collaborate with additional experts and artists. The process will culminate in a weeklong summer camp with the intense creative collaboration of all participants. Here, student groups will give form to the results of their research and experimentation, creating works with the risograph printer (magazines, posters) or videos, photographs, exhibitions etc. that they will also present at 3 locations of their choice during the autumn.

The project’s mid-term goal is to develop a network out of the 8 DemoLabs and thus lay the ground for a creative community. As the student press is a cornerstone of the project, we will support the establishment of a small risograph-based publishing house run by the students themselves, allowing participants to create their own publications. Based on the methodology of the Tanközlöny educational initiative (2015/2016), the project follows the pedagogical principles and methods of French reform educator Célestin Freinet (1896‒1966).

The project is exclusively funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).