An incredible experience in creating democratic learning spaces with artists (

DemoLab was one of the highlights of the last two years. The joint project of “Tanközlöny group” and DIA, was a remarkable attempt to merge various methods of reform and art education. 


The program was realized in 9 high school workshops, each one assisted by a teacher and a contemporary artist. The focus was on students: while exploring the topics that pondered their brains they undertook research, debate, artwork as well as experienced the power and opportunities of democratic cooperation. 


Even though the project officially ended in January 2020, we are unable to let it go. It produced valuable processes, connections and products we will continue to foster and we will continue sharing our experiences and accomplishments at every available forum.  


One of the outcomes that outlives the project is the Present! Student Press, a student-led grassroot initiative. The participating students work actively and creatively even during the current global pandemic TO LEAVE A MARK.


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