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Civil partnerships for a more inclusive society. Between 2013 and 2017, we had the opportunity to launch professional partnerships with 12 civil society organisations. These are all organisations working with children living in extreme poverty in different parts of the country. Our aim was to provide opportunities to exchange experiences, learn from each other and implement joint projects, while providing tools to ensure longer-term sustainability. What did we do? Among many other things, we organised site visits, which all proved to be exciting exchanges of expertise and the start of several long-term collaborations. We have organised meetings, where we have always explored an exciting topic, method or dilemma. We created the possibility for an ongoing professional dialogue. We have compiled a methodological manual entitled Alternative Lessons (link to publications) and we run a blog: In addition, we have organised public professional events, such as the Logic of Change, where we presented change-makers who are all initiators of unique and successful social innovations, such as Péter Küllői (Bátor Tábor), Nóra Ritók (Igazgyöngy Foundation), Zoltán Havasi (Budapest Bike Maffia), Barbara Czeizel (Early Development Centre) and Áron Jakab (Fruit of Care). The organisations involved in the project are: Bagázs Association Buda City Gate School, Pécs. Csatárlánc, Miskolc Élménytár Classroom, Pécs Faág Association, Pécs Igazgyöngy Foundation Toldi Tanoda InDaHouse Hungary, Pere/Hernádszentandrás University of Miskolc Teacher Training Institute Motivation Workshop, Szeged Pressley Ridge Hungary Szitakötő folyóirat/Liget Műhely UCCU, Roma Informal Education Foundation DeMo’s complementary project was the Learning Room. The project was funded by the Norwegian Civil Fund.